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Halle Berry's 'Dark Tide' Official Trailer

‘Hold Your Breath! The Dark Tide trailer has landed ashore.

Starring award winning actress, Halle Berry, the sea thriller film depicts a shark expert named Kate who battles to keep her business afloat since a fatal shark attack happened on her watch nine years ago.

Desiring to save her business from mounting bills and boat repossession, Kate bites a thrill-seeking businessman’s proposal to face the same man-eating shark infested waters again. This is interesting as Halle Berry may have developed an off screen reputation as a man eater herself.

Berry’s current boyfriend Olivier Martinez, who she met on the set of the film, plays her ex-boyfriend, Jeff.

Dark Tide is produced by Magnet Media Productions and directed by John Stockwell. Ronnie Christensen and Amy Sorlie are credited with the screenplay. The shark thriller goes to VOD on March 8th and swims into theaters on March 30th.

Watch the Dark Tidee trailer below:

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