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Chris Brown Denied Probation Release; Blue Ivy Carter Favors Jay-Z

Chris Brown was denied a shortened probation by Judge George Lomeli on Thursday in favor of the multi-talented singer to continue being monitored by his probation officer for his 2009 assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna, according to the Associated Press.

Brown’s lawyer, Mark Geragos, met with the judge in the singer’s stead to ask for a suspended probation based on the performer’s good behavior and high marks as “being forthright, dependable, and passing required drug testing” per the probation officer.

The request comes just as the three-year-mark of the formidable assault hit and the anticipated Grammy Awards return of the electrifying 22-year-old songwriter-performer is underway. The Grammys Executive Producer Ken Ehrlich confirmed Brown’s return to ABC News Radio, “What he’s done and what he’s done to reclaim his career and seemingly the kind of person that he has become makes him – I don’t even want to use the word eligible   – but you know, it’s time.”

Brown gained much of his audience back due to the success of his multi-hit album, ‘F.A.M.E.’ (Forgiving All My Enemies), after being shunned from many outlets due to the scandal.

While Brown has been staying out of trouble, his album promotion on ‘Good Morning America’ with Robin Roberts early last year allegedly where the performer stormed off the set, smashed a dressing room window , and yelled while exiting shirtless couldn’t have swayed well in favor of his probation abandonment request.

Though Chris was sentenced to a five-year probation, the judge is set to revisit the probation again in a progress hearing scheduled for July 10.

Do you think Chris should have a shortened probation period?

Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Baby Blue Ivy Carter

Who does Blue Ivy Carter favor? Her pop star mother Beyonce or rap veteran father Jay-Z? On Friday afternoon the public saw the first pictures of Blue Ivy Carter. Since Beyonce announced her pregnancy in August the question, other than the heated debated over the validity of the pregnancy, was who would Blue Ivy favor! Sadly the crowd was against the rap mogul hoping Blue Ivy would strictly take after Beyonce. After Beyonce gave birth, BFFs Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams only revealed that she is beautiful. Indeed she is. As the public thirsted for more information, Tina Knowles, Bey’s mother, gave the most puzzling of answers when asked by PEOPLE magazine late last week which parent Blue resembles,

“She’s only a month old. So we have to give her a minute.”

This statement can be interpreted in many ways. For the extremely private family, it could mean that Tina refuses to give anything away until Blue’s big reveal! Or because she clearly looks like Jay-Z and mama Knowles isn’t happy about that. Which is quite natural, most family members love to claim the new addition favors their family…etc. From the eyes, to the nose and mouth, Blue Ivy, in our most humble opinion, looks like Jay-Z and may develop more features of her mother….later.

Check out more pictures of Blue Ivy Carter. Share your opinion – doe she look like Beyonce, Jay-Z or both?

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