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'Basketball Wives' Star Evelyn Lozada Won't Take Ochocinco's Last Name

UPDATE-By the end of the summer Basketball Wives star Evelyn Lozada won’t be Mrs. Chad Ochocinco, she will Mrs. Chad Johnson. To further cement there will be a wedding (for all you naysayers), Evelyn’s fiance Chad is taking the necessary steps to take back control of his original last name before the wedding. This way, Lozada can be proud to give their twins their last names.

Years ago, the New England Patriots wide receiver paid a hefty dollar for the name change and it won’t be any different this time around. Reportedly Evelyn didn’t care which last name she ended up with though we’re sure she’s relieved he opted for the change.

In the midst of planning their weddings, Ev is gearing up for the season 4 premiere of Basketball Wives where she goes head to head with her former BFF Jennifer Williams.

Do you think Chad and Evelyn will have a reality wedding?

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0 thoughts on “'Basketball Wives' Star Evelyn Lozada Won't Take Ochocinco's Last Name

  1. Girlie says:

    Hey Chad, where is Evelyn? How long is this trip for? Man we miss her don’t you miss her? Our guess is that she is filming this week somewhere with the girls and is not allowed to share it with us at this time. Damn, we hope this trip is rapping up because it’s Valentine week-end and we are feeling naughty, wanna have some jokes/laughs, good food, fine wine, flowers, chocolates, music and lots of fun. Soo Ev, hurry home give Chad a big hug and a kiss and let’s get back on twitter (laughing). Our only joke for today was reading one of Chads tweets. The Tweeter goes how does @Ochocinco deals with Evelyn’s crazy ass? Mr. Johnson responds she knows better than to pull that shit at home and we were all off with the laughter at that response. That response is so real and so black esspecially, because we know deep down that some of that shit is just for tv. Oh and Ev we love your website and can’t wait to see the full lauch of ‘E’ make-up line and get our hands on the products!!

  2. Squeak says:

    Evelyn is an attention grabbing whore. She was really upset about Jennifer’s comment about the two bedroom apartment because everyone she loves lives in one. But if that’s the case then why is she living large and not helping the people she loves to get out of the projects. If that were my family and someone gave me a mazarati I would have said ” my family lives in the projects and I am not rolling in that car” Evelyn is a wanna be and Chad knows that he has a stupid bitch in a pretty package. Any time a woman gives a man the go ahead to screw other women he is surely going to marry her and lavish her with nice things just so he can get any other vajayjay whenever he wants. Cheryl Burke screwed him a got a ring, what makes Ev thinks shes special? She is not just dumb she dumb and stupid. Her favorite word fits her perfectly. BITCH.

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