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Willow Smith Shaves Her Head: Will And Jada's Divorce To Blame?

Willow Smith was the fireball of the party yesterday when she posted a picture of a clean shaven head. Willow, 11, is famously known for her hit ‘Whip My Hair’ – of course for now at least, there will be no whipping of anything back and fourth. While the pop star in the making looks gorgeous with her new bald head it didn’t keep the questions away. Was it too extreme? Is she screaming for attention? It should be noted big brother Jaden also chopped off his hair.

The young Smiths have been caught in the middle of rumors that their parents Will and Jada Pinkett Smith are divorcing. According to latest reports Jaden is living with his father in Philadelphia while Willow is with mom in Los Angeles. Soon after Willow posted the pics, Jaden tweeted: ‘The worst day of my life’.

Hopefully the choice to shave their heads was less about family drama and more about liberation. Either way check out some twitter reactions below:

— That awkward moment when you find out that Willow Smith shaved her head, so she can no longer whip her hair back and forth.”- SoVeryAwkward

— “Willow Smith Shaves Her Head, Maybe She’s Tired of Whipping her Hair.”-   pinoyhalo

— “Breaking: Willow Smith shaves head. Thousands uncertain on what to whip now.” – MrWordsWorth

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0 thoughts on “Willow Smith Shaves Her Head: Will And Jada's Divorce To Blame?

  1. women says:

    I hope it was a sign of independence and not because their parent may be divorcing. I hope will and jada can work out their differences. They loved one another at one time and have beautiful children. Anyone who can make children so talented and beautiful should find a way to preserve their love. God put those two together and if the rumors of infidelity are true, your love and family should be enough to make it through any storm. So I hope they try. Sometimes it may be best to move away from the place of the conflict to save ones future as a family.

  2. john says:

    i think williow smith will be lesbian or bisexual when she grown up.

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