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Chrissy Lampkin Takes Credit For Launching 'Love & Hip Hop'

UPDATE-Love & Hip Hop reunion special will surprise more than a few people. VH1 has opted for a different reunion style that will not feature Chrissy Lampkin, Kimbella, Yandy Smith and the other ladies going head to head – instead creator Mona Scott-Young interviews them individually. Reportedly there was so much tension that many cast members refused to be in the same room with one another – not much of a reunion, right?

In the current reunion clip available (see below) it’s clear Chrissy Lampkin believes she’s the boss and Yandy must fall in line. Last year Chrissy revealed VH1 originally approached her fiance Jim Jones for a show but nothing came of it. Check out some excerpts from an interview she did with,

“Well, orginially VH1 gave Jimmy a show and it didn’t really work out. His idea of a reality show and what the crew had in mind wasn’t the same thing, so he was kind of not interested. But we had been doing this for a minute. We had shot two pilots and VH1 liked my personality. We were having the hardest time getting it off the ground and Mona Scott Young came onboard to help Jim and I out, and it morphed into a show with me. They went and got some girls and put it together, and it turned out to be a perfect match; a scenario that felt good.”

Lampking added, “I don’t want to say it was centered around me, but I was the first one there. Everybody else got added on. It follows everybody’s story. I’m trying to be fair and be humble, but definitely they went and got girls and we all clicked.

Fair and humble ended when Ms. I’m-all-about-my-checks Yandy joined season two.

Watch the sneak peak for yourself – Was Yandy Smith out of line? Is Chrissy Lampkin letting the fame get to her head?

Love and Hip Hop reunion airs Monday February 6th at 8pm.

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