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Steven Jones, Nicole Scherzinger Axed From X Factor! Who's Next?

X Factor has done some early spring cleaning – first Steve Jones’ departure as host, and now Fox has confirmed that Nicole Scherzinger is leaving on the next thing smoking. The two, originally brought on to co-host, had been viewed as the weak links and weren’t expected to survive the cut into season 2.  Steve Jones broke the bad news via twitter saying “I wont be hosting next season’s X Factor which is a shame but I can’t complain as I’ve had a great time. Good luck to everyone on the show.” Meanwhile, Scherzinger had her agents report to E news that she has decided to leave the show “to focus on her music career.”

British TV presenter Jones was virtually unknown to American viewers until Cowell flew him over last minute to test with Nicole Scherzinger as co-host. Jones got the job after showing chemistry with Scherzinger. That chemistry, though, soon proved irrelevant as Scherzinger was moved to the judges table following the dismissal of Cheryl Cole, and that’s when Jones became the show’s only host.

The Welshman never seemed satisfied and drew overwhelmingly negative reviews of his performance.

Jones and Scherzinger are out, but lucky for the co-host-turned judge, she may have a back-up plan.  Her original job just opened up for season 2.

The remaining cast of X Factor include Simon Cowell, L.A. Ried and Paula Abdul… For now!

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