Nicki Minaj: Super Bass Lyrics Dominates Searches For Her Songs

Updateed: Nicki Minaj‘s “Super Bass” has become one of the most searched songs for the Trinidadian-American recording artist and songwriter. According to her biography on Wikipedia, Super Bass was written by Minaj,real name Onika Tanya Maraj, along with Daniel Johnson and Ester Dean.

In a recent interview Minaj explained that the song’s lyrics tell the story of a boy that you have a crush on and are about wanting to get intimate but instead taking a playful approach. Similar to her recent hit, “Stupid Hoe“, “Super Bass” fuses elements from several genres of music; hip hop, R&B and pop. check out the lyrics to the song and the music video below.

Nicki Minaj’s Super Bass Lyrics

This one is for the boys with the boomin’ system
Top down, AC with the coolin’ system
When he come up in the club, he be blazin’ up
Got stacks on deck like he savin’ up

And he ill, he real, he might got a deal
He pop bottles and he got the right kind of build
He cold, he dope, he might sell coke
He always in the air, but he never fly coach

He a muthafuckin trip, trip, sailor of the ship, ship
When he make it drip, drip kiss him on the lip, lip
That’s the kind of dude I was lookin’ for
And yes you’ll get slapped if you’re lookin’ ho

I said, excuse me you’re a hell of a guy
I mean my, my, my, my you’re like pelican fly
I mean, you’re so shy and I’m loving your tie
You’re like slicker than the guy with the thing on his eye, oh

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