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Sarah Jessica Parker Joins Lovelace; Demi Moore 911 Call Released

UPDATE-Sarah Jessica Parker has joined the biopic ‘Lovelace’ as Demi Moore‘s 911 call is released.

Parker, 46, will take on the role as feminist leader Gloria Steinem. The former ‘Sex and the City’ star will join Amanda Seyfried who will play Linda Lovelace.

The film tells the story of the late porn icon Linda Lovelace, who starred in the 1972 film “Deep Throat.”

Sarah Jessica replaces Demi Moore who was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday after allegedly inhaling Nitrous Oxide. On Friday Demi’s 911 call was released with someone telling the dispatcher Moore smoked something “similar to incense.”

Demi’s daughter Rumer Willis, who was spotted outside the hospital, was believed to have been with her mother at the time of the 911 call.

“Sir, this is an emergency,” said a female voice during the 911 call. “We need an ambulance here as soon as possible, please.”

Read the full transcript of Demi Moore’s 911 call:

Operator: “Tell me exactly what happened there.”

Female voice: “She smoked something. It’s not marijuana, but similar to incense, and [she] is having convulsions of some sort.”

Operator: “Are you with the person at this time?”

Female: “I’m actually in the other room.”

Operator: “You gotta be next to her so I can ask some questions. We have paramedics on the way. How old is she?”

(A confusion erupts about the age as the female caller questions others how old Moore is as the operator asks how old she is “roughly.” The caller finally answers 49.)

Female: “We just need an ambulance here as fast as you can.”

Operator: “Right now is she awake?”

Female: “Yes, well, semi-conscious barely.”

Operator: “Is she breathing?

Female: “Is she breathing yes. She’s convulsing.”

Operator: “Keep watching her closely, don’t do anything don’t put anything in her mouth.”

Female: “We are.”

Operator: “Was this accidental or intentional?”

Female: “Acc…well..uh…it was she smoked something, you know, but it was the reaction was accidental.”

Operator: “Listen help is already on the way.”

(The phone is past to another person and the caller and operator talk about the location and gate code. The operator instructs the frantic caller to listen, saying, “mam pay attention.”)

Operator: “Is she breathing normally?”

Female: “Um no not so normal more sort of shaking and convulsing, burning up.”

Operator: “What did she take?”

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