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Demi Moore Replaced By Sarah Jessica Parker In 'Lovelace'

Demi Moore has been replaced by Sarah Jessica Parker for the role of feminist icon Gloria Steinem in the pornstar biopic “Lovelace”.  After the veteran actress dropped out of the cast earlier this week, filmmakers Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman scrambled to find a good replacement for Demi, who was expected to begin filming her role on Monday.

According to, Epstein and Friedman announced the Parker substitution after Moore stunned the production by quitting her role on Tuesday, following her collapse and hospitalization.  A spokesperson for Moore says the 49-year-old actress, who is currently going through a divorce with Ashton Kutcher,  will be seeking professional assistance to treat her exhaustion and improve her overall health.”

The departure of Demi Moore has unnerved the “Lovelace” production team which has already begun filming the movie. Epstein and Friedman had no choice but to quickly find a replacement for Moore and the “Sex in The City” actress was reportedly available and up to the task. Sarah Jessica Parker is scheduled to begin shooting early next week.

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