'Red Tails' Film Create Divide Within Black Community

Red Tails, the film hailed as a must see for many African Americans about the journey, plight and success of the Tuskegee airmen has created its own counter-movement.

Let’s begin with the original movement. George Lucas, a white and insanely rich filmmaker puts up his own money to fund and distribute the film. George’s altruism came with a price, a price he wants African Americans to pay back in full with their support. Lucas highlights the struggles he went through to complete the film that features an all-black star line up. A movement is instantly created to support the film to stick it to Hollywood and let them see a black ensemble can carry a film. The idea seems noble enough minus Lucas’ plea for support.

According to Nick Chiles the counter group’s argument isn’t as noble and is downright embarrassing, “…some black people are proudly proclaiming that they won’t go see it because they don’t think the movie looks very good and they won’t be guilted into supporting it. One popular blogger even said he has no particular need to see black faces on the big screen.”

These two opinions continue to stir up strong conversations. Read more on this conversation at MyBrownBaby.com. Despite the divide, Red Tails, snagged the no. 2 spot at the box office with $19 million in sales. Where do you stand on this debate? Did you see Red Tails – why or why not?

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