Oscar Nominations 2012: Viola Davis Reacts

Golden Globe nominee Viola Davis was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for her role in the film ‘The Help.’ Although Davis is a heavy favorite to win she admits that hearing her name called is “surreal”.

“It always is. When I see my face anywhere, when I see my name being mentioned, it’s always surreal. It’s unimaginable.”

Humbled by her experience thus far Viola tells LA Times in an interview,

“When I see my path, in the constant retelling of my story, I realize how absolutely miraculous and amazing it is that I got to this point. I come from a town that’s a square mile with 18,000 people in it. I performed in basements, on basketball courts, for an audience of one, and I was just so happy and content doing that, never knowing that this was where the path was leading me.”

In another interview for W magazine Davis offered hope that her path will help other black actress avoid the experience of being type cast,

“I’ll go to an audition or a meeting in a pretty dress and they still think of me as depressed or embattled. Hopefully, that will change.”

Hopefully. In the meantime we will be rooting for Viola at the 2012 Academy Awards!

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