Halle Berry Loses Battle To Ban Gabriel Aubry From Daughter Nahla

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry‘s relationship as it pertains to their daughter, 3-year old Nahla, just took a turn for the worst. Alliance Kamdem a nanny court ordered by Halle’s request, accused Gabriel of shoving her into a wall while she was still holding Nahla and cursing and yelling at her in the presence of the child.

Here are the details of the incident according to the investigative report obtained by TMZ:

“The Susp (suspect) and Halle Berry have a child in common but have never married. The vict went to the susp residence to pick up Nala (correct spelling Nahla). When she got to the residence she went to the susps front door and the susp answered teh door. Nala came out and the vict picked up Nala and held her in her arms. The vict then asked the susp if he had called Nala’s school because she had not been to school in the past two days. The susp became very angry with the vict and stated “Your (you’re) the f*cking nanny, who do you think you are, you are a nobody. Your dont need to f*ucking know anything.” The susp then pushed the vict, who was still holding Nala in her arms and the vict fell against the wall, that was next to the susp front door. The vict stated that if the door was not there she would of fell to the ground with Nala in her arms.”

No photographs were taken and no medical treatment was provided.

Gabriel is now under investigation for criminal battery and child endangerment.

Halle Berry is due in court this morning and will request a judge to ban Gabriel from having any contact with Nahla until the investigation is resolve.

UPDATE: A judge denied the nanny’s request for a restraining order against Gabriel, Halle also lost her request for an emergency stay-away order. Gabriel and Halle will return to family court on Monday for a hearing with the judge that had previously handled their other cases.

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