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Basketball Wives Makes 'Lucrative' Offer To Vanessa Bryant

Vanessa Bryant gets three mansions in her divorce from Kobe Bryant plus an additional $75 million if a prenuptial agreement was not signed – what offer can VH1’s Basketball Wives franchise offer to top that?!

Because of Kobe Bryant’s failed attempt to stop his divorce amid numerous affairs, his soon-to-be ex-wife is now open to a fruitful deal with the VH1 franchise.

According to TMZ, producers are putting together an “extremely lucrative pitch” for Vanessa to join the cast of the Los Angeles spin-off of the highly successful reality show. “Vanessa has more than enough storyline and would bring the show to another level.” Because of the show’s popularity producers are hoping that their profitable pitch will make for an appealing case for Vanessa – who ironically learned of Kobe’s cheating through the real basketball wives.

This isn’t the first time VH1 has considered adding Vanessa to the cast but Bryant was understandably not receptive to the idea during her marriage to Kobe. There’s no doubt that Vanessa has a built in story and ratings would shoot through the roof – but what’s in it for her?

Vanessa’s three mansions in her property settlement are worth an estimated $18.8 million, unless if she’s looking for another baller husband – we fail to see the upside.

Do you think Vanessa should join the Los Angeles cast of Basketball Wives?

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