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Kimbella Announces Her Pregnancy Love & Hip Hop Season Finale

VH1’s Love & Hip Hop season 2 finale is underway and there a few surprises set to leave tongues wagging per usual.

Newcomer Kimbella Vanderhee was the breakout star of season two when after revealed her dirty secret to Emily B and was engaged in not one but two brawls that forced VH1 producers to ban glass off the set!

In her second fight, this time with another newcomer Erica Mena, Kimbella lost her cool when Mena implied that Juelz Santana was already cheating .

Kimbella and Juelz have been together for three years and share one son together, Kimbella has an older son from a previous relationship. The couple never addressed the cheating rumors on air but the rumors on the web are plenty. Porn stars Lethal Lipps and Jenna Shea have both came forward and admitted to sleeping with Santana while he was with Kimbella. Lethal reportedly did her dirty do while Kimbella was pregnant!

So how does this all fit into the season finale? Kimbella invites her mom and dad over and reveals that Juelz is in jail but that she’s also expecting their second child.

As if on cue, Kimbella’s mother puts Beyonce’s Single Ladies song on play, “I wish Juelz would put the ring on your finger already.”

It’s hard to gauge whether Kimbella is happy about the news or whether she’s putting on a brave face for her mother and father.

Watch the video clip below: Is this good or bad news for Kimbella?

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0 thoughts on “Kimbella Announces Her Pregnancy Love & Hip Hop Season Finale

  1. Cotten Kandi says:

    Sorry to say but I don’t think Juelz will eventually marry Kimbella. I think Kim is a nice girl but naive at the same time.

    They dated for a year and a half before having a a baby. That’s not long enough, in my opinion, to really know if you see that person in your future for the long hall if not forever. the baby “trapped” him in a sense. Of course he could have walked away but having a child is always more inclination to stay and now with another baby on the way…..

    I think for him Kimbella is the type of woman who’ll stay and put up with the bull but not necessarily the woman to marry, hence Emily and Fab. If it wasn’t for Kim being with Kim those two are the most alike and should have been the best of friends.

    Smh, I wish her well though.

  2. sunny says:

    Well when u get pregnant 10 months after meeting a dude…what do u expect. Kimbella is her mother all over again omly worst. The only difference is she will be the fool 4 every guy she gets with rather than the 1st guy. At least her moms kids all have the same dad. Its sad that seeing what her mom went thru didn’t make her keep those legs closed until she was married..SMFH!!! U can say what u want about my girl Chrissy but u can’t say she’s anyone’s baby mama!! So if she goes down, she goes down alone…Not that she will go down…and I respect her 4 that if nothing else!! Moral of the story…Get ur life right b4 pushing out all these damn babies!!

  3. Ms Opinionated says:

    Kimberlla stop reproducing yourself and get some education with the money you are making
    on the show and just gets some goals be something. Juelz is trap in the first three stages of life. Grow up be a woman love yourself. Take care of yourself.

  4. yolo says:

    wow this girl was in two fights in a short span of time, all the while she was pregnant? crazy! Kimbella, always a baby mama but never a wife

  5. Tona says:

    Kimbella is her mother all over again.

  6. evelyn says:

    hey this is for all the hater that bella has she is cool and she hasthings going for her also no one is prefect

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