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Snooki Without Makeup; Lauren Scruggs First Photo

Who knew Snooki without makeup would create such a stir?! The tiny yet rambunctious Jersey Shore star debut her makeup less picture on Twitter yesterday to thundering e-applause. While it may not have been Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi’s intent when she tweeted the pic with the caption, “No make up day 🙂 and IDC – she did inadvertently call attention to what many truly find beautiful. In the picture Snooki was fresh faced with healthy skin. The response to Snooki’s picture was so overwhelmingly positive that she tweeted a thank you,

“Can I just say how amazing my fans/supporters are! You guys really know how to put a smile on my face! Love you all beyond words.”

Snooki was once known for her puffy hair and excessive makeup and now she can add natural beauty to that list. What do you think of Snooki’s pic – and is less better?

Lauren Scruggs First Photo Since The Horrific Accident

A photo of Lauren Scruggs emerged today for the first time since the terrible accident six weeks ago.

It has been revealed that Scruggs was warned by the pilot to walk behind the plane minutes before being injured by the plane’s spinning propellers according to a new published report.

In a National Transportation Safety Administration preliminary report released on Monday, the unidentified pilot recounts the moments of Scruggs’ unfortunate accident where the fashion blogger and model suffered the unthinkable loss of her left eye and left hand.

“Upon noticing that she was exiting in front of the strut, the pilot leaned out of his seat and placed his right hand and arm in front of her to divert her away from the front of the airplane and the propeller,” the report states. “He continued to keep his arm extended and told the passenger that she should walk behind the airplane.”

Assuming Scruggs had taken heed and walked away behind the plane to safety, the pilot said he “returned to his normal seat position… open his window to ask who was next to go for a ride,” according to the report.

The pilot was flying looky-loos above Dallas to landscape Christmas lights sprawled over the city. Instead of gearing up for the next round of passengers, the pilot shut off the plane engine when he heard someone call out, “Stop, stop,” and saw Scruggs injured body on the ground, according to the report.

It is unclear if Lauren failed to listen to the pilot’s cautionary advice or if she simply didn’t hear the warning because of the loud engine. However, in a ‘Good Morning America’ interview shortly after the incident took place, Lauren’s parents believed she walked back toward the plane to bid the pilot a thank you.

The preliminary report hits airwaves as the 23-year-old makes her first appearance as she leaves the Dallas’ Parkland Hospital since the tragic calamity six weeks ago. Lauren has been enduring intensive therapy to relearn the basics—how to walk, talk, use a stationary bike, and how to dress herself, but has made tremendous progress according to her Mother Cheryl Scruggs’ blog.

Lauren wore knee-length black yoga pants, a blue jacket with the left sleeve hanging beyond her injury, pink-and-black sneakers, and a blue baseball cap which strategically covered her bandaged left eye as she was seen outside the Baylor Institute for Rehabilitation in Dallas. The fashion blogger was unconcerned with fashion, but seemed happy and content as she was seen laughing and joking with family according to reported photos.

Donations may be made to the Lauren Scruggs Hope Fund on the Lolo Magazine website.

You are in our thoughts Lauren!

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