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Idris Elba Loves Being Naked and Confirms 'Thor 2' Role

Idris Elba who recently won a Golden Globe and a tidal wave of new female fans is already turning up the heat. In a recent interview with, when asked about   what he feels most comfortable in, he responded, “My birthday suit!”

“It causes trouble walking down the street. But my birthday suit is my most comfortable,” he said. “I wear my birthday suit at home, in the bath or in the shower. Yeah, I’m pretty comfortable in my skin that way.”

We are sure that there are more than a few Idris Elba fans who would have no trouble with him walking down their street in his birthday suit.

Idris won the Golden Globe award for actor in a series, miniseries or motion picture made for television. Elba beat out Hugh Bonneville of ‘Downton Abbey,’ William Hurt of ‘Too Big to Fail,’ Bill Nighy of ‘Page Eight’ and Dominic West of ‘The Hour’ for the award.

Speaking to MTV News, Elba talked about his upcoming involvement with the Marvel Universe — in case you forgot, he played the Norse god Heimdall in “Thor.” According to him, a return to Asgard will happen with “Thor 2,” if not sooner.

“‘Thor 2’ for sure,” he told us. “‘Avengers,’ we’re not sure about, but ‘Thor 2’ we’re going at it again.”

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