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Breaking News: The Dark Knight Rises Has Already Been Sold Out!

‘The Dark Knight Rises’ has already sold out its seats for the Imax experience in New York and Los Angeles. If you haven’t bought your ticket for the advance showing of The Dark Knight Rises for the July 19th midnight showing, you’ll have quite a wait at several other locations.

New York’s AMC Loews Lincoln Square Theater  and the AMC Loews Universal City cineplex Los Angeles are all sold out.  AMC got the idea to advance-sell tickets to TDKR because of the handful of theaters that showed the prologue to TDKR at the beginning of Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

The prologue had boosted sales for the soft opening of Mission Impossible and owners of the AMC theater thought it will be a good idea to sell tickets early. Tickets for non IMAX theaters do not appear to be on sale. People might be wondering why they havent heard of advance sales of tickets anywhere.  The advertising of these ticket sales was limited to the theater itself. Unfortunately, in order for everyone else to benefit from this offer you had to be at the right time, and the right place.



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