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Capitol Hill Shooting: Larry Russell Dawson Has History of Protesting for $15 Minimum Wage

Tennessee preacher Larry Russell Dawson

Tennessee preacher Larry Russell Dawson

D.C. Police captured active shooter Larry Russell Dawson, a Tennessee pastor, after he fired shots Monday near the east side of the Visitors Center at the U.S. Capitol.

Atlanta Black Star reported that the capitol was on lockdown for several hours, but D.C. Police did not believe Dawson was an imminent threat to the White House or any other officials.

Dawson came into the Visitors Center around 2:40 p.m. Monday. He got out of the security line and began pointing his hand gun — which NBC News has confirmed to be a pellet gun — at other visitors. Officers quickly engaged Dawson. One of them shot but did not kill him. Within the hour, Dawson was apprehended and charged with assault with a deadly weapon and assault on a police officer.

In the wake of the shooting, details about Dawson’s motivations have emerged. The 66-year-old preacher has been at the U.S Capitol before protesting and advocating for a $15 minimum wage. He has gone to the Capitol an estimated three times. According to a Church statement he wrote, he wasn’t giving up:

“The movement now is to get the U.S.Congress to raise the minimum wage from $7.25 to $15.00. I have been to Washington, DC. three (3) times this year pushing for a raise in the minimum wage. We ask you to help us, by giving a donation of any amount, as we began our ministry. And push for the raise in the minimum wage. Thank you for your support. May God bless you in your giving.”

Last year, Dawson interrupted a House of Representatives session and was charged with a stay-away-order. He also assaulted an officer as he was being escorted out of the federal building.

Dawson wrote a letter to federal court protesting the order. He stated that a “true prophet of God” could not be arrested and he insisted that he didn’t have to follow the law.

As of Monday, Dawson was hospitalized in stable condition.

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