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Nicki Minaj Prepares To Take Fashion World By Storm

Nicki Minaj branches beyond her music and make-up line to tackle fashion. The 30 year old ‘Super Bass’ singer graced the pages of The New York Times Styles section with an in depth profile regarding how her humble beginnings translated into a profitable, fashion forward future.

Nicki Minaj may only be 5ft 4in, but this bite sized star is a mogul in the making as her manager Cortex Bryant recently revealed during a phone interview that his latest priority would involve negotiations allowing Minaj to sell her own fashion line.

Last year Nicki partnered with MAC Cosmetics to release a limited edition, pink lipstick whose release correlated with her Pink Friday album debut; and now there’s also news that the highly anticipated Minaj, nail polish collection with OPI will be available for purchase later this month.

Wow…sounds like everybody’s a Nicki fan. But Minaj may also have to expand her Barbie base to include Anna Wintour of Vogue Magazine as she’s said to have been a fan since Nicki’s freshman days.   Clearly this also influenced the magazines staff as their director of special events, Sylvana Ward Durrett also recommended Nicki to be the entertainment at a Christie’s charity event.

But Nicki’s journey wasn’t always a crystal stair; The NY Times article also let us in on an interesting background tidbit regarding how Minaj was making her own dresses in her basement just a year ago.

What! Nicki made her outfits by hand… considering some of the unique costumes Nicki wears that would have been quite an undertaking.   We think it’s safe to assume she now outsources that task.

Speaking of which, would there be a chance that Nicki could translate her outrageous taste into more wearable frocks?

This could become a more tangible reality than some may think as Minaj previously revealed to Cosmopolitan that there may be some tempered styles under all her colorful wigs and playful glitter.

“Give me my sweats! I like transforming from completely raggedy to ‘Ahhh, I’m ready.’ That transformation gives me a high.”

So what do you think? Will Nicki’s fashions be able to reach a broad audience…or will it simply be a source of dress up wear for her many Barbie minions?

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