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Love & Hip Hop Recap: Chrissy Lampkin Attacks Yandy Smith

Love & Hip Hop ended on yet another violent note. What should have been a celebration for the newly engaged Chrissy Lampkin turned ugly when she attacked her fiance, rapper Jim Jones’ manager (now ex-manager) Yandy Smith.

More on this a bit later.

On last week’s episode of Love and Hip Hop season 2, Jim Jones proposed to Chrissy received a slew of criticism for his nontraditional way of asking for Chrissy’s hand in marriage.   On Monday’s episode it was revealed that Jim actually had more in stock for Chrissy who tearfully accepted the proposal.

Jones flew his family and Chrissy’s closest friends via a private jet to surprise Chrissy and celebrate the engagement.

“It’s like the princess kissing the frog,” Jim said. “I’ve got my own fairy tale going on.”

Chrissy added, “He put his ego aside, he put his persona aside, and he put our love first.   And I will forever love him for that.”

Now back to Yandy.

Chrissy, Emily Bustamante, Teairra Mari and Olivia all appeared to be having a good time until Yandy walked in with Kimbella and Erica Mena. It didn’t take long before   Chrissy abruptly asked Yandy if she had anything to say. It appeared at first that Chrissy was pissed that Yandy refused to congratulate her on her engagement but Chrissy later revealed it was over an email Yandy sent to Jim Jones after she felt she would be fired.   Yandy hesitantly asked to see Chrissy’s engagement ring.   And already heated Chrissy didn’t receive Yandy’s lack of enthusiasm very well.

The two women began to argue about who could afford what and who could not and who slept around to get money. In true Love & Hip Hop fashion, voices were raised and obscenities were lashed at one another. Then the unexpected happened:   Chrissy kicked Yandy.

The two women were pulled a part, but Chrissy wanted to finish up. So, a few more obscenities later, she waited for Yandy outside the club. Yandy quipped that Chrissy was resorting to 5-year-old tactics and even raised a toast with others before being escorted out the club (in the opposite direction of Chrissy). Watch the clip below.

How do you think Chrissy should have handled her interaction with Yandy?

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