Love & Hip Hop: Chrissy Lampkin Nearly Ruins Jim Jones' Proposal

Last night’s episode of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop had a few touching moments as Jim Jones finally proposes to his longtime girlfriend Chrissy Lampkin and Kimbella Vanderhee opened up about her past.

After last weeks explosive fight with newcomer Erica Mena, Kimbella had a sit down with Yandy Smith in an attempt to shed light on why her emotions hit the brink causing her to throw the glass which started the brawl.

During Erica’s first meeting with Kimbella, she relayed a slew of negative comments to the model/actress. But one in particular had Kimbella fuming as she was engaged in yet another scuffle which left fellow cast mates Yandy and Teairra Mari at a lost for words.   Erica stated that Juelz Santana, Kimbella’s boyfriend and father of her son, was probably off cheating with the next chick…then all hell broke loose.

Kimbella explained that her childhood was crazy, as she endured the antics of a cheater father and suicidal mother who was frequently pushed to the edge.   She continued by expressing that she never wanted to be the woman her mother was, and she certainly didn’t intend on taking her children down that familiar path.

“My upbringing was crazy. My dad, he had children by other women and I saw the hell that my mother had to go through, and I always said I would never be that woman. I’m really mad at my mom and I don’t think she even knows that, ‘You didn’t teach me nothing.’ Everything that I know is from me raising myself.”

On a lighter note, Jim Jones finally came to his senses by asking Chrissy to marry him. It was certainly about time as we had to constantly endure episode after episode where Chrissy picked fights and bought herself “pain killers” to distract her from the fact that Jim hadn’t officially returned her previous proposal request by purchasing Chrissy a ring.

Jim surprised Chrissy by following her to an all girls getaway in Miami and pulling her aside to engage in what initially appeared to be an argument but later turned out to be a proposal. While it was a long awaited moment for Chrissy, the special moment was ruined by her insistence that Jim traveled all the down to Miami to start beef. It didn’t help that Jim didn’t get down on one knee and truly set the mood. But, a proposal is   a proposal and Chrissy could barely contain her emotions as she accepted Jim’s offer and the two sealed their union with a warm embrace.   Now let’s hope these two will put the silly bickering aside so they can hopefully go the distance.

Watch Jim Jones propose to Chrissy Lampkin on Love and Hip Hop below: What did you think of the proposal?

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