Beyonce Set To Give Birth: True Or False


UPDATE-Is Beyonce about to give birth to her first child in New York City today?

According to new reports Beyonce Knowles and her husband Jay-Z are making plans/made plans to check into New York’s St. Luke Roosevelt hospital on the Upper West Side   in preparation for labor.

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Tabloid website mediatakeout is confirming they received word from nurses at St. Luke that they were told to prepare for a ‘celebrity VIP’ patient. “Nurses and security personnel at St. Luke’s Roosevelt Hospital were placed in alert because a “high profile patient” was checking in that day.”   According to the report, half the floor of the luxurious “Labor And Delivery” section of the hospital has allegedly been booked, which happens to be the same one used by Alicia Keys to give birth to her son Egypt back in 2010.

While mediatakeout is not known for scoring high marks on their exclusives they have hit the nail on the head with this one. While other media outlets are struggling to actually confirm Beyonce or her entourage confirmed the suite, Beyonce must be giving birth somewhere. By her own admission, Beyonce revealed in a ‘Countdown’ video she was 6 months pregnant. Beyonce held up a Daily Mail newspaper dated September 23rd. The video surfaced in November and by our count  Beyonce would be 8 months pregnant and due to give birth in December….and the month is nearly over.

Of course there also the possibility that Beyonce and her crew are working overtime to confuse the media to avoid sheer pandemonium on a day that will be as stressful as it will be beautiful. Either way, we hope Beyonce welcomes a healthy baby boy or girl soon in as much peace and quiet as they can manage!


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