Love & Hip Hop: Explosive Brawl Between Erica Mena And Kimbella

Last night’s episode of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop took another explosive turn as new girl Erica Mena made her presence known by instigating a scuffle with Juelz Santana’s girlfriend Kimbella Vanderhee.

Erica Mena was introduced as a possible new client for Yandy Smith (present manager for the Dipset crew Jim Jones).     When the two met for dinner and Yandy mentioned Kimbella, Erica immediately cringed as she basically called Kimbella a low budget, soft porn model because she allegedly accepted work for minimal or no pay.   Not sure why Yandy didn’t take this as a sign to delay Kimbella and Erica meeting, but in true Yandy fashion, she invited Erica to lunch with Kimbella and the drama ensued.

Erica has been pictured in various fashion spreads and campaigns for popular clothing lines including Roc-A-Wear and Tommy Hilfiger. Erica even made her mark on reality TV by appearing on Kourtney and Khloe Take Miami, which documented her assisting with the launch of the Kardashians’ clothing boutique Dash. Most recently, Erica appeared in several videos for rappers like 50 Cent, Chris Brown and wait for it…yes… Fabolous; which I’m sure will make for an interesting twist given Kimbella just recently admitted to having a brief affair with the rapper while he was still seeing fellow cast mate Emily.

When Yandy and Erica arrived to lunch, where Kimbella and Teairra Mari were already waiting, things appeared totally copacetic, that is of course until Kimbella introduced herself to Erica.

Erica rolled her eyes and quickly stated that she knew exactly who Kimbella was, which must have come as a shock to Kimbella who repeatedly insisted that she didn’t recall the two meeting. Erica explained that she considered her modeling and video experience on a higher plane than Kimbella which she continuously illustrated by placing one hand above the other.   She then launched a scathing tirade where she attacked everything from Kimbella’s career to her relationship with Juelz.

Well that must have been the last straw for Kimbella who took a glass (which I now understand why glass is banned from the set) and threw it directly in Erica’s direction.   Then came the fireworks as Kimbella and Erica began swinging and scratching so aggressively Erica received a gash above her left eye and Kimbella’s face was covered in red welts (which might I add wasn’t exactly the wisest move for two supposed models).

Then, to add further insult to injury, Erica called the police which left Kimbella, Yandy and Teairra scrambling to their cars to make a quick escape. And in case you’re wondering, there was no director yelling ‘cut’…though our fingers were still crossed in desperate hope that someone would stop the madness.

In case you’re thinking this isn’t typical behavior for Erica, watch a recent video of her beating down her son’s father in the street. SMH.

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