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Kobe Bryant Hopes For Reconciliation Despite Affair Rumors

UPDATE-Kobe Bryant has an uphill battle ahead. The Los Angeles Lakers star is balancing a delayed NBA season with the announcement of his wife, Vanessa Bryant, filing for divorce on December 16th after ten and a half years of marriage.

In 2003 Kobe was accused and charged with sexual assault by a hotel clerk but his marriage survived after gifting Vanessa with a $4million apology ring among other things. Fast forward eight years and Kobe stands accused of sleeping with over 105 women! Boxer Victor Ortiz was rumored to be dating Vanessa but that’s a drop in the bucket to 105. Either way, Ortiz released a statement denying the rumor.

“I would like to deny any and all rumors that I am dating Vanessa Bryant,” Ortiz said. “In fact, Mrs. Bryant and I have never met. It is unfortunate that during her family’s trying times in her relationship with Kobe, uncaring people start these rumors without any merit.”

It was reported that Vanessa did consider divorcing Kobe four years ago but allegedly received council from her mother to wait until the 10 year mark for a big payout. While it’s possible the last four plus years may have been hard on the Bryants, their two daughters Natalia and Gianna may be the bind that kept them together then and maybe now. According to recent reports, Kobe is ‘deeply depressed’ over the divorce and hopes to reconcile with Vanessa for the sake of their daughters stability.

While the numbers are likely inflated on Kobe’s cheating, would you stay if you were Vanessa?


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