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Evelyn Lozada Of Basketball Wives Sued For Fraud Linked To Ex Fiance

Evelyn Lozada of Basketball Wives is facing a lawsuit for allegedly receiving thousands of dollars illegally from her former fiance NBA All Star Antoine Walker.

“Walker raked in a whopping $110 million during his NBA career, filed for bankruptcy last year, and now the bankruptcy trustee smells a rat.   It seems Walker gave Lozada $560,000 when he already knew he was going belly up.   The trustee has sued Lozada, claiming the transfer was fraudulent — an attempt to hide money from legitimate creditors.” This from court documents obtain by TMZ.

Despite the trustee’s case, Evelyn maintains the money was given to her pay to bills and Dulce opened with funds from the sale of her engagement ring.

While no one cares to be sued, there’s no need to cry a rive for Evelyn who has enough to keep her mind off the litigation. Lozada is busy planning her wedding to fiance New England Patriots Chad Ochocinco, gushing over her luxury birthday gifts including a Maserati and filming season four of Basketball Wives.


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0 thoughts on “Evelyn Lozada Of Basketball Wives Sued For Fraud Linked To Ex Fiance

  1. woop says:

    I’m still up good! Evelyn, don’t you freak out stay, cool, calm and collective. Get a good lawyer if need be, together we’ll get through this one just like all the others. Bigger and Better, great attention for the books!!!

  2. woop says:

    Evelyn all of this drama in some strange way is becoming kinda sexy, are we freaky? Ev we beleive that this not only about the money but is coming from a much deeper place. This can’t be discussed up in here though. One naughty joke before we leave, Ev if and when you go to court and they asked about the money that you alledgedly received, you respond, what about my bread I want that back too (dying with the laughter)!!!

  3. KissMe says:

    Child please, ain’t nothing stopping this wedding that’s how strong this love is say, Mr. Ottis Redding (smile).

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