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Kobe Bryant Seeks To Halt Divorce From Vanessa Despite Several Affairs

UPDATE-Kobe Bryant wants to make his marriage to Vanessa Bryant work and take their pending divorce off the table. Sources close to the family told TMZ, Kobe’s two daughters are playing a major role in his effort to reconcile with Vanessa Bryant.

“We’re told Kobe is “deeply depressed” over the situation — and is very concerned about how his daughters will handle growing up in two separate households.”

It’s rather surprising that Kobe hopes to reconcile despite being accused of having numerous affairs during his 10 year marriage. Vanessa accused Kobe of sleeping with over 105 women!

“[Vanessa] estimated that he was averaging at least 10 affairs a year with different women over the course of their marriage and puts his number of conquests at 105”.

While sources state that Kobe is concerned about his children it’s unknown how much his finances are impacting his state of depression.

Kobe Bryant’s divorce will cost him upwards of $75m after it was reported Vanessa did not sign a prenuptial agreement.

Without a prenup coupled with 10 years of marriage Vanessa Bryant’s divorce settlement with Kobe Bryant will be half of the Los Angeles Lakers star reported $150 million net worth in addition to ongoing child and spousal support.


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