Kim Kardashian Defends 'Talentless' Claim Against Barbara Walters


UPDATE-Barbara Walters thinks Kim Kardashian and the remaining Kardashian clan are a talentless yet fascinating group of women.

Walters listed her Most Fascinating people of 2011 and the Kardashian clan made the list but not without controversy. Simon Cowell, Steve Jobs, Katy Perry, Derek Jeter and Herman Cain also joined the list.

During her interview with Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Kris, Barbara asked the hard questions.

She grilled the Kardashians about everything ranging from Kim Kardashian’s infamous sex tape to the media’s claim that they are completely talentless.

On the topic of the sex tape Walters asked,

“So was it a good thing to have done?” To which Kim responded; “I have made mistakes in my life, for sure.” Kris Jenner added that the family was devastated but they hired a good attorney and make better things happen. If that’s not a confession, I don’t know what is!

Nonetheless, Barbra kept swinging.   She continued by bluntly accusing the family of being talentless by stating;

“You don’t really act; you don’t sing; you don’t dance. You don’t have any — forgive me — any talent!” Kim responded by attempting to claim that it isn’t easy being a reality TV star. “I think it’s more of a challenge for you to go on a reality show, and get people to fall in love with you for being you.”

But sister Khloe kept things in perspective with this poignant follow up;

“None of us think we have talent. none of us think we can sing or act or dance.”

Amen to that.

Other notable mentions included Simon Cowell who admitted he absolutely hates to loose, even at simple games like monopoly.   Former GOP hopeful Herman Cain also dropped in to admit that he actually wouldn’t mind being Head of the Defense Department if asked to assist any of his fellow Republicans. Barbra then responded with an emphatic;

“What!” reminding Cain that he may want to familiarize himself with worldly countries given his last debacle when attempting to name a common middle eastern country.   Cain then stated;

“Yes, but I have been doing my homework ever since that difficulty.”

Thank goodness this was a hypothetical question…or we should be worried. So who was the most Fascinating Person of 2011: Steve Jobs. Barbara explained to viewers that Jobs had already won the spot after he stepped down as Apple’s CEO but his death in October prevented the interview :   “His last words, his sister said, were ‘Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow.’ As always, Steve Jobs was seeing something we couldn’t. And that makes him the most fascinating person of 2011,” Walters’ ended the segment. Watch the clip below:

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Watch the Kardashians below with Barbara Walters

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