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Toni Braxton Admits To Playing In The Snow On Chelsea Lately

Singer/song writer Toni Braxton denies being a racist after making a series of colorful comments while appearing on Chelsea Lately this past Tuesday.

Chelsea asked Toni about her new love interest by stating;

“I hear you have a little bit of ‘jungle fever’ right now, and you are dating a white man?”

The Braxton Family Values star replied;

“I am. I’m playing in the snow. It’s kinda nice, I can’t deny it.”

She went on to explain how their differences made things more exciting.

“Just because it’s kind of different. The skin feels different, that’s kind of nice. It smells different.”

Chelsea agreed by stating;

“Everyone has a different kind of scent or smell and it comes from within you. You can’t explain it, when you try to explain it sounds totally racist.”

But Toni made sure to back Chelsea up by adding;

“It’s not.”

It’s an interesting way to describe interracial dating. Toni also revealed she’s working on releasing her inner slutness since her mystery man has yet to make it to third base. In the meantime, Toni still goes on dates with her ex-husband Keri Lewis. Check out the video below. What do you think of Toni’s interview?

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