P. Diddy Says Cassie's the 'Baddest In The Game'


Bad Boy CEO P. Diddy had nothing but high praises for his artist and rumored lover Cassie Ventura. Since her debut album in 2006, Cassie has yet to release any new material, her sophomore album was plagued with delays and her image has turned from singer to full time model. It appears now that Cassie is ready to find her place in the crowded pop scene heavily dominated by Rihanna, Katy Perry and Gaga. To prep her fans for the official comeback, Cassie released a sexy trailer for her new single ‘King of Hearts.’ P. Diddy introduced the trailer on BET’s 106 and Park with high praises to Cassie:

“She was thrown into the game with two smash records when she came in and a lot of times when that happens, you have to catch up to your success. I think over the years, we’ve made sure we’ve put her through the proper things to make sure she catches up to how big she is worldwide. She doesn’t let her natural beauty get in the way of her striving and her hunger to be successful. She puts that work in and she’s definitely in the underdog situation. Trust me when I tell y’all, on this album, she’s going to show you what she got. Her swag is impeccable. To me, she’s definitely one of the baddest in the game.”

Diddy is not known for talking small so this is not surprising but whether he will be proven wrong is another thing altogether. Check out the trailer and Cassie and Diddy on 106.

BET 106 and Park

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