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Rihanna Gets Fitted For A Fang Grill Before 'You Da One' Music Video

Rihanna shared a recent video with her fans who are eagerly awaiting the music video for her latest single ‘You Da One’ from her sixth studio album ‘Talk That Talk‘. While rumors continue to emerge over Rihanna’s health, the ‘Man Down’ singer continues to push and release new material for her fans. In the video below Rihanna, looking gorgeous and fresh, sits down for a fang grill fitting which will make it’s debut in ‘You Da One’

Rihanna mumbles in the behind the scenes footage:

“I’m getting a grill made for an upcoming video shoot for You Da One’but I only want the bottom done with fangs….and they have to make a mold so they can send to New Castle…ship it from New Castle and then send it back to London for the video.”

Rihanna will work with Melina Matsoukas, who shot her controversial lead single “We Found Love.”   ‘You Da One’ video treatment was inspired by a ‘Clockwork Orange’ film which reportedly features disturbing, violent images, facilitating its social commentary on psychiatry, youth gangs, and other social, political, and economic subjects in a dystopian, future Britain.” From the sounds of that Rihanna and Melina are in for another battle.

Watch the BTS below:

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