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Ice Cube To Star As Vigilante in Cable Network FX's 'Eye For An Eye'

Ice Cube has decided to bring back smash hit comedy ‘Friday’, but that’s not it for the gangster rapper-turned actor-turned movie producer. Ice Cube is bringing his talent and money to the cable network channel FX. Cube will be producing and starring in ‘Eye for An Eye,’ a project Cube’s company Cube Vision and Jeff Kwatinetz’s Prospect Park will be executing.

‘Eye For An Eye’ centers on a man, played by Ice Cube, who is a seasoned paramedic. After years and years of leaving the scenes of violent crimes, with victims struggling for their lives in the back of his ambulance, he reaches his breaking point and starts to live his life under a new principal: eye for an eye. When his thirst for revenge gets the better of him, his personal life begins a downward spiral as he comes to terms with being a vigilante.

Cube and his partners are currently looking for a writer to compose the script.

Cube is currently executive producing the TBS sitcom ‘Are We There Yet’ based on the big screen version that was in theaters back in 2005. However, the most exciting news about Cube is his teaming up with New Line to bring his fans another installment of the “Friday” franchise!




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