Bono Praises Alicia Keys At 'Keep A Child Alive' Premeire


UPDATE-Alicia Keys and U2 frontman Bono attended the premiere of ‘Keep A Child Alive’ in New York City earlier this week. Bono who is known for his humanitarian efforts had nothing but high praises for Alicia.

Alicia proves that’s she’s not only a successful musician and actress, she also has a knack for humanitarian efforts as the Harlem native recently donated her efforts to ‘Keep a Child Alive’, a documentary focusing on helping children battle HIV and AIDS.

The documentary, which follows Alicia and five young adults as they visit the ‘Keep a Child Alive’ funded sites in South Africa, is dedicated to encouraging others to unite in the fight to treat and prevent the spread of AIDS in South Africa and various regions throughout the world.

According to CNN, applicants were chosen to accompany Keys after texting the word that best described their feelings about Africa. Of the 24,000 people who applied five were selected thanks the words heartbeat, resilient, ubuntu, strength and conviction.

Keys recently stated during an interview with CNN;

“I want people to feel like you can do something about this epidemic, and that you understand it because you find a place inside yourself that connects to the love of another human being.”

After noticing the impact this astounding journey had on the lives of her young followers, many who have never ventured outside the United States, Keys commented;

“A lot of times we feel like things going on in the word are so big and so massive and untouchable, and think, ‘What can we do, and how can we do anything.’ I think that when we see it from human to human … you will feel empowered and angered.”

At the premiere of the Showtime documentary, U2 front man Bono (a fellow humanitarian known for his relentless fight to prevent the spread of AIDS across the globe) had this to say regarding Key’s commanding disposition;

“I was terrified the moment I met her. I was shaking in my boots.”

He continued;

“I was very moved by her singing of course, but what was interesting was the hard questions afterwards, and I think it’s those hard questions that she asks that lead her.”

If Alicia Keys can scare Bono then we’re sure her Showtime special will touch many hearts. ‘Keep A Child Alive with Alicia Keys’ will air again on tonight/Saturday at 6pm. Watch the trailer below:

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