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T.I & Tiny Family Hustle: Sneak Peak

VH1 released the sneak peak for T.I & Tiny‘s Family Hustle ‘documentary’ premiering on December 5th. In the opening scene, T.I, TIP Harris, introduces himself and goes straight into the importance of his family.

“I got 6 kids and my old lady depending on my hustle. I can’t make 1 single mistake. Family is priority #1. Now that I’m back home, I’m gonna make sure we’re a bigger and better family than ever before.”

Despite two separate jail stints, his most recent ended last month, T.I had a sense of humor about his past…or so it appears…..

“America, listen: I was in prison. True. I did my time. Now I’m out. Now let’s never discuss this again. Ok?”

At the end of the clip T.I once again speaks on his priorities:

“At the end of the day, the most important thing to me in the world: God, family, hustle. In that order.”

T.I promises this show will differ from the drama filled reality shows currently on VH1 – are you interested?

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