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Gloria Govan Responds To Matt Barnes' Cheating Allegations

Gloria Govan from Basketball Wives LA is livid with ex fiancée Matt Barnes’ decision to tweet allegations that their relationship ended because Gloria had an affair.

Gloria addressed Matt’s comments by releasing a statement of her own this past Wednesday;

“So Matt’s at it again I see… Whatever he feels like he needs to say to justify our separation is on him. Obviously his relationship with Eva (Longoria) is important enough to bash me. So I wish him and her nothing but the best.”

Notice how Gloria doesn’t exactly deny that she didn’t have an affair with famed hip-hop producer The Game?

But Barnes claimed his relationship with Eva Longoria is completely “professional.” He further admitted to ‘foolishly’ agreeing to portray a fake relationship with Gloria during the last season of Basketball Wives LA for the benefit of Gloria’s career. As previously reported, they had actually split up in May, just before the taping of the season because she was allegedly having an ‘ongoing’ affair with his friend The Game.

“It is ironic now how Gloria is trying to manipulate the professional relationship between Eva Longoria & myself as the sole reason for our separation, when she knows we split up in May.   The reason why I broke my silence a month ago was because of the on going “affair” she was having with a now former FRIEND of mine…”

Despite what they said publicly, both Govan and Barnes vowed to focus on their children together.

“I wish her nothing but the best and I will continue to keep our children as my first priority,” said Barnes.

Let’s hope they both truly mean this, and stick to their promise by relaxing with the back and fourth.

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