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Real Housewives Of Atlanta Recap: Peter And Apollo's Shouting Match

We’re used to prepping our eyes for the usual girl fight on The Real Housewives of Atlanta, but oddly enough, last night’s episode saw a battle royale between husbands, with Cynthia Bailey’s man, Peter Thomas, making clear that even at age 50, he’s not too old to go to blows with Phaedra Park’s 42-year-old husband, Apollo.

Why the beef? Apparently, Peter made some unappealing comments about Phaedra and the other housewives in a recent article in Uptown magazine; in it, he called Sheree unattractive and went all the way in on Phaedra, saying he couldn’t stand her at all.

In last night’s episode, Housewives co-star Kandi Burruss tried to give some insight as to why Peter may have harbored harsh feelings, pointing to a scene from last season in which Phaedra claimed she didn’t like “messy men” with multiple children. Peter, who has several children from previous relationships, took her comments as a personal jab. But Phaedra laughed off the claim, saying it was merely a general statement (and adding in another personal jab by referring to Peter as “Uncle Ben” and “Papa Smurf”).

Consequently, when the two couples faced each other at Housewives star Kim Zolciak‘s elaborate baby shower, tensions were high as each attempted to ignore the elephant in the room. Phaedra threw the first blow, though, when she questioned whether Peter would invite her to the opening of his new venue, Bar One, seeing as he “can’t stand” her.

All hell broke loose when Peter, watching Apollo slowly rub his hands asked Apollo if he “got some sort of problem.” Apollo proclaimed Peter too old to start a confrontation; Peter jumped to his feet claiming Apollo should concentrate more on his recent arrest–an alleged case of mistaken identity that led to his temporary restraint by Atlanta police. And then Peter threw down the gauntlet: “I’m too old? Bring it! I’m right here!”

After the jabs turned into a heated screaming match, cooler heads prevailed and Apollo walked away.
Good thing too, because security was quickly approaching, and last we checked, Phaedra, an attorney, deals with entertainment law, not criminal.

We really hated to see the men get involved in all the Housewives drama, but honestly, it’s to be expected given the amount of time they spend with their wives’. And it was refreshing to know NeNe Leakes had absolutely nothing to do with yet another unnecessary shouting match.

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