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Comedian Explains Why He Cast Pamela Anderson As The Virgin Mary

Russell Peters defended casting home-made sex-tape star Pamela Anderson as the Virgin Mary for his comedy special.

“I didn’t even think about the other side of Pam Anderson, which is so long ago. Let’s give a chick a break already,” Peters told CTV News.

“There’s nothing really unholy about it. It’s a celebration. I was kind of hoping we’d have a kissing scene, but that didn’t happen.”

Last Monday, the Canadian comedian mentioned that Anderson would play the Holy Mother in his special “A Russell Peters Christmas”. Peters will play the role of Mary’s husband, Joseph.

Many religious groups across the nation criticized the move. The National Catholic Register lashed out saying, “irreverence is so commonplace that it’s now the norm.” An editorial on the Catholic Vote website called the casting “overtly mocking true faith.”

Pamela Anderson is a former “Baywatch” star, who has also appeared in two leaked sex tapes, one with ex-husband, rocker Tommy Lee, and the second with Poison’s Bret Michaels.

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