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NeNe Leakes Launches Miss Moscato Wine On Anderson Cooper

If you didn’t know already, Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes is ‘rich, very rich.’ On a pre-taped episode of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, ‘Anderson’ NeNe will introduce the world to her newest venture, a sparkling wine called ‘Miss Moscato’. NeNe revealed she wanted to one-up actor Hugh Jackman who brought Anderson coffee.

“..I know Hugh Jackman brought you coffee, so I brought wine. So I want you to try mines. I have to up him a little bit. Let’s cheers to your new show” she tells Anderson.

Anderson was apparently eager to sip the wine before NeNe halted him for an official toast. NeNe revealed her business partner traveled to Italy to develop the wine. Watch the clip below:

In another shocking clip, NeNe revealed she’s a private person and does not like being recognized. “I’m very, very private. I had no idea being on the Housewives that we were going to blow the way we did.” Ironically, or perhaps not, NeNe boasts she was the first ‘housewife’ to shoot the pilot for the show.

Are you interested in trying NeNe Leakes’ Miss Moscato?

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