Rihanna Bemoans Over Her Single Life

Rihanna‘s primary goal must have been comfort as the 23 year old pop diva appeared on Monday’s taping of The Ellen DeGeneres Show in a snuggie inspired blue over coat while discussing her dating life…or rather lack there of.

Rihanna insisted she was completely single as she stated;

“I’m not dating anyone right now.”

And in case you missed it, she followed with;

“I’m not dating at all.”

Yep, that’s right fella’s, you may want to fall back from this Barbadian born beauty because according to her, work has to come first because she’s often far to busy to entertain dating.

Rihanna continued by stating that although she’s single by choice, it’s still not an easy decision because being single isn’t always “cool”.

“I’m not necessarily happy being single. It’s not really that cool.”

Rihanna may appear to enjoy taking charge, but the S&M singer admitted that she actually prefers men who can handle a more traditional “manly-man” role.

“I can’t have guys that are intimidated by me. I like men that are more aggressive, but mysterious, but I like a man to be very sure.   I like them to be sure of themselves and know that you’re the man. I’m the lady and the only way for us to make this work is for us to play our roles. You know, I can’t really be the man for you. I don’t want to have to be. I’m the man at work all the time.”

Although it’s hard to believe this fiery singer’s claim that her personal life if practically nonexistent (especially given all the pictures of her partying it up in various locations); Rihanna candidly hinted that her lack of companionship has also caused neglect in her region below the equator.

“It’s not really that cool. It sucks but it is, what it is. Let me say this right, because I don’t want to make it seem like, my work is my everything. I do put a lot into my job. Most of my time if not all of it. It definitely affects my personal life. My personal life is pretty much non-existent. Which is not good, not for the long run. Not for me, not for ‘Her,’” she said, pointing between her legs.

Rihanna playfully added that her present predicament is what often prompts her to spend so much time on the internet;

“That’s why I stay on Twitter a lot. So I can conversate with my fans because I don’t get any booty calls.”

You can catch Ellen’s full interview with Rihanna this coming Monday, November 20th, but we have a clip for you below.

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