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Tamar Braxton Releases A Message To Her Critics

Tamar Braxton, the breakout star of We TV’s Braxton Family Values dishes on the second season, putting her haters in their place and that huge fight with her mother Evelyn Braxton.

Before the second season of the Braxton Family Values, big sister Toni Braxton said the fame has gone to Tamar’s head. The feisty baby sister of the group has a message for her critics.

Tamar tells,

I can’t change. Jesus ain’t change. I ain’t changing for nobody. I am who I am. You can like it or you do not. The only person I’m going to change for is myself. If I’m not feeling myself anymore then that’s why I’m going to change. Until then, have several seats.

On what viewers can expect in forthcoming episodes,

Well I just think you should expect me to be me. You should expect Trina to finally stand up for herself and decide that she had enough. As you got a good look at last night, Trina is definitely not taking any more stuff. She’s not a doormat anymore. And I applaud her for that. At the end of the day that’s all I was trying to convey to my sisters last season. I wasn’t trying to be in their business. I wasn’t trying to yell at them. I was just saying, ‘Hey, look at yourself, you deserve better. You’re beautiful, you’re respectable, you work hard so you deserve someone that’s going to appreciate the queen that you are.’ So I’m so glad that she decided to take that stance.

Last but certainly not least Tamar shares her thoughts on the fight with her mother Evelyn to the

“I understand why my mother got upset at first, but after I explained why I left [the house in the middle of a group discussion], I thought she would have understood a lil better. She’s my mom and if she felt like I was disrespectful, then she had EVERY RIGHT!””I’m going to chill for now and see how it plays out later.”

What did you think of the fight, should Evelyn have respected Tamar as an adult or was Tamar completely out of place? In case you missed the clip you can watch it again below:

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