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Kimbella And Chrissy Brawl Forces Glass Ban On Love & Hip Hop Set

UPDATE-Love & Hip Hop stars Kimbella Vanderhee and Chrissy Lampkin have forced VH1 to enforce a glass ban on set. Kimbella, rapper Juelz Santana’s girlfriend and Chrissy, rapper Jim Jones’ fiance were scrapping on the floor of a luxury suite hotel room in New York City in the premiere episode of Love and Hip Hop!! If you saw the trailer you know that is one of many fights to come. According to TMZ a ban on glass and metal silverware has been enforced.

Here’s what happened:

Kimbella revealed to Emily Bustamante that she dated her ex rapper Fabolous three years ago. Little did Kimbella know, Emily was pregnant with Fab’s child three years ago. In a failed attempt to defend her friend Chrissy attacked Kimbella.

Kimbella has been defending her decision on the timing and place of revealing the news. Chrissy on the other hand recanted her decision to fight, acknowledging that it wasn’t the best way to handle the situation.

On one of her many promotional stops she told MTV News that she felt Emily was amongst family and may receive the news better. Kimbella also presumed Emily would be open to the news since she was happily moving on from Fabolous. Watch the clip below:


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Kimbella also chatted with Charlamagne and Angele Yee of the Breakfast Club. Charlamagne implied Kimbella should have expected some backlash for her “tacky and classless move” but Kimbella stood her ground insisting that Chrissy had no grounds to hit her. This clip is a little longer than MTV’s – check it out.

What do you think of Kimbella and Chrissy’s fight – was it warranted?

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0 thoughts on “Kimbella And Chrissy Brawl Forces Glass Ban On Love & Hip Hop Set

  1. Anthony Smith says:

    Im just amazed at how these “Women” get passed around in the industry and then have the guts to be on National T.V admitting it.

  2. Angie says:

    Okay Emily. stop playing the petiful girlfriend. stop using Chrissy for your battles. Although your toast was nice to kimbella i would like for you to give her a strong women. I hope kids are not brother and sisters

  3. Surina Barret says:

    Men get passed around just as much with no regard to the woman he may have at home! Was it tacky for her to say that she dated a rapper before the one she has right now? Kind of sort of, but it would be even more tacky for it to be revealed later after they formed a relationship! She would have been even more sluts and yadayadayada! And I mean the whole reason Emily is leaving Fab is because he is dirty! Get over it already!

  4. Surina Barret says:

    And then listen to the haters when they saw her shorts? Now that was tacky! The “click” already had a stereotype of her then because she’s pretty! And that woman hater radio DJ, wowwww dude! If Fab wasn’t a rapper, and Juelz wasn’t a rapper maybe a DJ or someone like you would that be embarrasing? HAHAHA, that would be a shame! Because any woman who sees something she wants should be woman enough to go get it! WHATEVER it may be! When a woman dates a couple of well know guys (that’s what I call them, not special to me) she’s wrong? How is that? But when a man says, damn I want that chick, and that chick and that chick, that’s JUST A MAN! I would have told Emily in front of Obama if that’s something I felt I needed to share because that’s what a grown woman does! She puts it clear as crystal!

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