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Tamar Braxton Fires Back At Bleaching And Marrying For Money Rumors

Tamar Braxton, the often hot tempered sister of R&B star Toni Braxton, addresses rumors regarding marrying for money, skin bleaching, and sibling rivalry in an interview with Black Enterprise on the heals of the second season of Braxton Family Values.

Tamar’s husband Vincent Herbert recently suffered a pulmonary embolism which has him on bed rest since returning from the hospital.   When asked concerning rumors regarding whether she married for money she replied;

“What? Where did that come from? Are you saying that because he’s thick? How do you know I don’t like teddy bears? I mean, really? Have a seat. Do people realize that those comments are very disrespectful to my relationship and friendship with my husband? I find no humor in that. To have people speculating about why you like what you like. Don’t they think that could affect how he feels about himself or me? If we didn’t have that openness and friendship it could. I’m sure those comments hurt his feelings. Sometimes people wanna say, “With all that mouth Tamar has…” and I say to [all of them], have several seats because I’m gonna always stand up for myself, my husband and our relationship.”

Tamar confirmed that she saw nothing wrong with plastic surgery but denied the rumor that she underwent skin bleaching by stating;

“Yes, I believe in plastic surgery because I believe you’re supposed to enhance what you are not happy with. And if I bleached my skin then I wouldn’t have stretch marks, right? So boom!”

Tamar’s relationship with sister Toni was often fraught with heavy, sibling rivalry. It was even speculated that Toni’s split from Vince’s management may have been in part to her relationship with Tamar on the show.   When asked whether she felt the show may have caused unwarranted friction,

Tamar responded;

“I think people grow up and people want different things. When you’re an artist and a sibling is getting the attention or some of the opportunities for the same person it can be difficult. I think in any relationship there are changes and in this case Toni and Vince had to do what makes them happy and that’s all I’m gonna say about that.”

Braxton Family Values premieres its second season on Thursday, November 10, at 9pm on We TV; with Tamar’s antics, Toni’s struggles to hold it all together and mother Evelyn Braxton’s refusal to let fame and success over inflate her children’s egos, its anyone’s guess what mayhem might erupt.   We certainly will be watching…will you?

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