Rihanna Drops 'You Da One' Single Amid Rave Album Reviews

Rihanna’s new album aptly titled Talk That Talk, is staying true to form as the pop diva’s latest release is said to be harder, louder, and raunchier than anything she’s done thus far.

Today her Navy fans unlocked ‘You Da One’, a single produced by Dr. Luke as a follow up to ‘We Found Love’. Check the audio below.

The reviews are in, and MTV is branding Rihanna’s creation a certified hit.   MTV music writer James Montgomery stated that this was an album where Rihanna appeared most creative as she released her inhibitions and allowed her genius to flow.

“Simply put, it’s the album on which Rihanna absolutely goes for it, pushing her naughty-girl image to the breaking point, embracing the clubs with both arms, strutting and lilting and sassing her way past her pop contemporaries.”

Producer and mentor Jay Z gave his stamp of approval as he aided in the title track, Talk That Talk. Other producers who lend their hit-making skills include Dr. Luke, Calvin Harris, Stargate, Bangladesh, No I.D., and Hit-Boy.

Montgomery summed his assessment by explaining why this Rihanna’s formula for success has served her well.

“She’s got attitude and altitude and even a little bit of verisimilitude too, all of which are necessary components of why Talk That Talk works so incredibly well.”

However, some critics don’t completely share Montgomery’s views as Gordon Smart, showbiz Editor for The Sun, claimed Rihanna’s latest project, which overly focused on sexual innuendos, was simply smut on a plate.

“Even the album’s interlude is smut. The title is Birthday Cake but it’s nowhere near as fluffy and sweet.”

Smart later acknowledge that Talk That Talk did however include a few heartfelt, moving ballads including ‘Where Have You Been’ and ‘Drunk On Love’, which samples The XX’s brilliant track Intro. Yet ultimately he felt Rihanna could have re-directed the albums focus on sex to include a more rounded approach.

Rihanna’s album is slated for release November 21st. Will you pick up a copy and what do you think of ‘You Da One’

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