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Kim Kardashian Causes Tyler Perry Followers To Turn On Him

kim kardashian marriage counselor tyler perry

Tyler Perry fans may not be known for their cinematic aptitude but it appears there is one motion picture transgression that got his followers up in arms and threatening to boycott his films. It appears that Perry’s decision to cast Kim Kardashian in his new movie “The Marriage Counselor,” has resulted in fans taking to his website to unload a barrage of angry posts protesting the Kim Kardashian choice and threatening to boycott the film if he follows through with it. Commenters called Kim the antithesis of Perry’s Christian and respectable image for a range of reasons, including her impending divorce from husband Kris Humphries after only 72 days of marriage and her exploitation of black males.

Here are what some fans had to say:

“Mr. Perry as much as we the middle class black folks love u!!! I have made my mind up on your next movie. Me and my wife and children will NOT be supporting you on this one. You are way to classy to have this un-talented lady name Kim Kardashian in your film, She only uses our black brothers for money,sex!!!!! What kind of role model is she and again sir WHY??? All the black actresses out there needing owrk and you choose this negitive person how sad. And what a slap in our face as black people. But I guess cause you have your MILLIONS now you don’t care how we thepeople feel after we are the ones who helped you make these millions. WOW…do the RIGHT thing pull her from the movie PLEASE Mr.Perry”

“Mr Perry, Although I’ve supported you and your movies since the first Madea I just e-mailed Lionsgate to let them know I’ll no longer see any of theirs or your movies. It was a well thought and sad decision but one I had to make based on you giving Kim Kardashian a role in the “Marriage Counselor”. With so many actors giving blood, sweat and tears to hone their craft your decision to give the role to this person who’s only claim to fame is a p**** tape and fake b*** is truly appalling. Of course I wish you well in life as you had been an inspiration to me for many years, but I’ve accepted that you’ve been drinking the “Hollywood Koolaid” and are now “DRUNK””

“Please remove Kim K from the cast! I will not support you casting this cumbucket in your film.”

The movie is an adaptation from Perry’s 2008 play about a married couple who is experiencing a very rocky time in their relationship. Kim Kardashian will be playing the main character Judith’s (played by Jurnee Smollet), coworker in the film. The cast also includes Brandy, Lance Gross and Vanessa Williams.

Despite the negative feedback, Tyler Perry refuses to reconsider and told TMZ he is keeping the reality star in the role.

“She is scheduled to work as planned.”

To read more comments on Perry’s website click here.

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