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David Schwimmer Will Play Mob Hitman In 'The IceMan'

David Schwimmer, Mob Hitman, The IcemanDavid Schwimmer will play a mob hitman in the movie ‘The Iceman’. That might sound far fetched considering the role that made Schwimmer  famous. Schwimmer starred on the long running hit sitcom ‘Friends’ playing the very soft, almost feminine Ross Geller. Now Schwimmer will take a rare attempt at being a heartless villain in the independent mob drama directed by Ariel Vromen. The film follows Michael Shannon who will play The Ice Man, a mafia hitman who murdered over 200 people. Also attached to the indie film is Ray Liotta and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

The film recently suffered a high profile loss, when the tireless James Franco actually dropped out of the project. There was speculation that his exit would end up sinking the film, but it looks like things are still moving as scheduled.



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