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Tyler Perry Fans Boycott Film; Kim Kardashian Depressed Over Backlash

Tyler Perry‘s fans boycott his latest film while Kim Kardashian is depressed over the severe backlash over her alleged sham wedding. Tyler’s fans are making a case to boycott his new film, ‘The Marriage Counselor’ over a casting issue. Namely, and only, Kim Kardashian. ‘The Marriage Counselor’ is focused on Judith (Jurness Smollett) a marriage counselor who’s married to Lance Gross but has an affair with a client. Judith’s life is turned upside but her co-worker Ava (Kim Kardashian) is there to help with a much needed make over.

The role may be therapeutic for Kim who announced her divorce on October 31st after 72 days of marriage to Kris Humphries. No matter, Tyler Perry’s fans are not having it! They have flooded the producer/director’s website with emails pleading with him to drop Kim K.

One fan wrote: “I believe it is against your better judgment to have Kim Kardashian star as a supporting actress in your upcoming movie. You still have a moral responsibility to your supporters to maintain a level (of) integrity when in (it) comes to casting your movies. I have to boycott this film if Kim Kardashian is part of this project.”

Another wrote: “I really hope you change your mind about casting Kim Kardashian in your next movie. This woman has no morals or values about anything. Did I have to remind you of the [sex] tape … that she is not ashamed of? My son actually said to me … Mom I thought Tyler Perry’s movies and plays were suppose to religious so why is he putting her in the movie? She is a very bad role model for these little girls out there. She got married for money, who does that?????”

Several more comments in the same vain were posted on the website. And that’s just another reason why Kim Kardashian can’t manage to crack a smile. The backlash is more severe than she imagined and depression in sinking in. A spy on set told US Magazine,

“She’s being very quiet and isn’t smiling very much,” the source stated. Adding, “Kim has been reading a script and not being very social at all.”

Another source added that Kim is just an absolute wreck, “crying day in and out.” “She thinks the world turned against her.” “She feels everyone hates her.”

Kim Kardashian will have to find a way to deal with this backlash…because I don’t think it’s ending anytime soon….

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