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Nicki Minaj Wears Wacky Outfit To Versace For H&M Event

Nicki Minaj has outdone herself..yet again. Minaj is really allowing her creative juices to flow as she attempted to tap into her Trinidadian roots by arriving at the launch of VERSACE FOR H&M gala in a glittered, blue, black and green ensemble reminiscent of a carnival party….gone terribly wrong.

Nicki’s green wig and multicolored pumps may have stole the show; but the Super Bass singer wasn’t the only fashion misfit, as pop songstress Ke$ha arrived in a full leopard print jump suit equipped with high black sandals and dark, bedroom eyes to match.

It appeared that almost every celebrity was in the mood to let it all hang out as even Oprah Winfrey pumped up the volume with a deep, plunging neck line while pictured next to a conservatively dressed Uma Thurman.

Other notable guest included Prince who kept things classic in a black suit with colorful lapel, Donatella Versace who squeezed into a form fitting, black dress, Gossip Girl Blake Lively and Jennifer Hudson who showed off her slim physique in an all black dress.


Lively said of Versace:

“I’ve always been such a fan. The dresses that she makes, all the things she makes, they’re always such amazing shapes for women. And she always has such unexpected things between the colors and the patterns, the detail, the beading, it’s always shocking – and I love that.”

Jessica Alba also added: “I just think it’s amazing that every girl gets to know what it feels like to wear Versace, how cool is that? It’s an iconic brand.”

Nicki added while on the red carpert, “She’s a legend. She’s amazing,”

She added: “I said in an interview recently I remember Biggie Smalls rap about Versace and wanting to know what that was. So I told Donatella today, you don’t understand how many little girls are jumping for joy now that you’re introducing a more affordable line. So I’m just happy to be here.”

Check out the pics below:

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