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Gloria Govan Suspects Eva Longoria And Matt Barnes Rumors Are True

Update-Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria and Los Angeles Lakers player Matt Barnes have denied they’re dating but Basketball Wives LA star Gloria Govan is making some strong implications that her ex-fiance Matt Barnes may just be dating Eva. Last month Matt announced he and Gloria, parents to twin boys, decided to call it quits. Soon after Gloria completed an interview leaving room for hope of a reconciliation. But earlier this week Gloria speaks with Sister2Sister magazine and her tone has shifted.

On the rumors of Matt dating Desperate Housewives star:
“I’m not sure if I think they’re rumors. I think at this point having been with Matt, I don’t really put anything past him. He hasn’t directly said, ‘I’m doing this. I’m doing that.’ I’ve heard from some sources that it could be a definite possibility.”

She continued,
“Dang. I haven’t even been out of the house for a month. Those are the things that float around that start to get to you in your relationship. I know he denied it, but I don’t really know too much about that situation to say it’s not true, but I don’t know enough to say that it is. It wouldn’t surprise me.”

It’s surprising that Gloria is taking such a stance on this rumor….What do you think was Gloria’s intent in giving such a round about answer?

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