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Beyonce Baby Bump Overshadowed By 5-Inch Skate Lace-Up Booties

If we’re not talking about Beyonce’s baby bump we’re talking about her shoes! Since her slew of appearances out and about in New York City, flaunting her pregnancy with trusted bodyguard Julius nearby; Beyonce has put on a show of one sky high stiletto after another. Not since Victoria Beckham have we seen a pregnant celebrity work a pair of heels quite like Beyonce.

It’s not enough that Bey is five months pregnant and is the highest ranked celebrity mommy-to-be at the moment, but what does it say when your $1,180 Alain Quilici’s Payson Skate Lace-Up booties makes more noise than you! Apparently it means that you can set a trend even when pregnant.

Check out Beyonce pregnancy pictures from the day she announced the news to this week.

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0 thoughts on “Beyonce Baby Bump Overshadowed By 5-Inch Skate Lace-Up Booties

  1. chi town says:

    she looks stupid and rather off-balance in the pic when she just exited the van.

  2. Ms. Tell It Likeitis says:

    She really does look ridiculous. She is having the BEST pregnancy ever! I mean it changes shape to accomodate her outfit! Her hips haven’t spread or her nose! Wow Bey congrats! Psych, she is SOO not pregnant

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