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Sketch Comedy Show "In Living Color" Is Coming Back To Fox

Do you remember Fire Marshall Bill, Wanda, Twan and Homie the Clown? Well guess what: Fox has decided to re-boot the hit sketch comedy show In living Color. Keenen Ivory Wayans is set to host

and executive produce the show. In Living Color launched a slew of successful careers such as Jim Carrey , Jamie Foxx, Tommy Davidson, all of the Wayans and of course Jennifer Lopez, who was a “fly girl” dancer on the show. In Living Color was one of the first shows that showcased a mostly african american cast and injected black comedy and hip hop dancing into mainstream media.

The show went on for 5 seasons before losing most of it’s original cast to bigger opportunities. Fox order two episodes to add to the network’s celebration of their 25th anniversary with the possibility of a series pick-up. If the show is successful it will be on Fox as a regular series next year.


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  1. L.S.A. says:

    Um… Shanaynay is from Martin you mean Wanda the one Jamie Foxx plays on In Living Color. You got Shanaynay confused with wanda.

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