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Nicole Scherzinger Dumped By Lewis Hamilton Over Baby Talk

Update-Lewis Hamilton 26-years old and Nicole Scherzinger 33-years old may have called it quits over the best time to start a family.

Previous reports claimed Hamilton ended their four year long courtship because of serious scheduling conflicts. Apparently, the Formula 1 racer was often on the road for months at a time which created quite the time conflict with the former Pussycat Doll, who just recently landed a judging spot on Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. Hamilton further insinuated that Schrezinger’s desire to please her new boss made it almost impossible to see her. Ironically, Simon and Nicole recently had a visible disconnect when Simon made the following comment during a live episode;

“I have no idea what her problem was tonight.”

Now it appears Simon may not have been Nicole’s only problem as stories roll in claiming that Lewis (who is seven years younger than the former Pussy Cat Doll) was not quite ready to start a family.

According to the Daily Mail, Lewis was telling his friends;

“I’m not ready for a family.”

A friend reiterated the comment by stating;

“Lewis decided they had to part. She wanted more than he could offer at this stage in his life.”

In 2008 Scherzinger revealed her desire to start a family by stating;

“I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. Lewis is such an amazing, humble and chivalrous guy. We would love to have beautiful angel babies together one day.”

Since her breakup, Scherzinger has definitely been the girl about town as reports swirl that she has not only befriended co-host Steve Jones (who supposedly has a crush on her); but she’s also been spotted   having dinner with rapper Drake just after news broke regarding her split. Lewis however, may not be as ready to socialize as reports confirm he’s relying on his family to get him through this difficult period.

“These times are sent to try you – it’s about how you pull through. I have my family they are helping, so I feel pretty good.”

Hate to see young love end so soon. This isn’t the first time Nicole and Lewis split…do we hear reconciliation in the near future?

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